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I participated in & enjoyed GIRLS SHOW every one of our four years at PV -- the one that stands out in my mind was when the WHITES represented "Mount Olympus" and the GREENS depicted "Neptune's Kingdom." I believe there were two WHITE victories and two GREEN victories during our four years at PV, so that was nice. For those of you wondering who was victorious this spring, here are exerpts from an April 19 local newspaper article by 'TODAY' newspaper correspondent, Tina Pappas: "Girls Show was started at PV in 1941 to compensate for the lack of sports & activities for girls then -- it was originally called, "The American Way," & it has evolved into one of the PV school year's most popular events, like the prom. It has also become a family tradition, with many mothers, aunts, & grandmothers having participated in the competition & sharing their stories of their performance experience to younger generations. This year, the White team won in the posters categories, while Green won in relays & novelties. Green Cheer's drum line won over the White Cheer's military show to win for the 6th year in a row. Even though the White Exercise show featuring the Beast from Disney's "Beauty & the Beast," beat out the Green's "Mousercise" routine for the 9th straight victory, the Green Dance (with its theme from the Jim Carrey movie "The Mask") held off the White Dance's "Tina Turner show." This sealed the Green team as the overall victor this year. ... Tickets for the competition are very hard to come by. There are only 150 tickets available for purchase through a lottery. The majority of the tickets are allocated to the girls' family members, individuals who assist the teams. The show is attended by many entusiastic fans (a sell-out crowd of 1700 this year), but many more are watching as it is aired live on PVTV & even shown in area restaurants. There is nothing else like Girls Show anywhere, which is why tickets are extremely hard to come by & many want to be in the gym that night to feel the excitement, see the elaborate costumes, & cheer for their team. ... " Even during the 1950's, Girls Show tickets were so scarce that one of our '57 members (who shall remain nameless) printed some counterfeit Girls Show tickets as he had a job in a printing company!